Smoking & Alcohol

Alcohol and cigarettes are sold in supermarkets, kiosks, gas stations, bars, restaurants, etc., but age limits apply.

Age limits

It is not illegal for teenagers – or even children – to smoke or drink alcohol, but it is illegal to sell it to them – and they are not allowed to drink alcohol at bars and restaurants.

Cigarettes and other tobacco products

The age limit is 18 years


At bars and restaurants, the age limit is 18 years.
In kiosks, supermarkets, etc., the age limit is 18 years for buying spirits with an alcohol percentage (VOL) of above 16,5%, and 16 years for buying beers, wine, and other drinks with a rate below 16,5%.



Cigarettes and other tobacco products

…are heavily taxed. A pack of cigarettes is around DKK 60- ($8) in the supermarkets and kiosks. The price is fixed. Only bars and restaurants can raise the price when they sell you an open packet (they will open it as you watch).


A 33cl Carlsberg, Tuborg, or Heineken pilsner beer in the supermarket is around DKK 6- ($1), and a 75cl bottle of Smirnoff Vodka is around DKK 130- ($15) and the cheaper version around DKK 70,- (USD 10).
Alcohol prices are not fixed in Denmark; differences for the same product can be huge from shop to shop.

Drinks are generally overpriced in most bars and restaurants, and the more alcohol percentage, the higher the price. So expect a factor of 5 to 10 compared to the price in the supermarket, ie. DKK 45 ($6) for the same beer you found for DKK 6,- $1) in the shop.

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