The regions pay for all hospital medications and treatments in public hospitals, including medicines provided free of charge to the patient.

A limited choice of essential Medicine like painkillers and antihistamines are available in kiosks, gas stations, and supermarkets. Still, the majority of Medicine must be collected from the official Drugstore (Apotek) with a prescription from your GP, Dentist, Private clinic, herby psychiatrist, or at a doctor at the hospital.

Few Apotek/drug stores run 24 hours, and most follow limited schedules from Monday to Saturday. Their website also offers a webshop with delivery options to your home (for a fee).

Click below to find the nearest Apotek or enter the webshop:

Prescription medicine (receptpligtigt medicin)

Prescription medicine is only available at the Apotek. A doctor makes the prescription – either your General Practitioner (GP), a doctor in a clinic specializing in specific diseases, or a doctor in a hospital. Also, dentists make prescriptions if you need medicine for dental treatments.

A prescription can be in the form of a piece of paper (white/yellow) handed to you by the doctor, but most often, the doctor stores the prescription electronically on “the server” under your CPR Number. The Apotek accesses the prescription on their computer when you provide your CPR Number (by showing your Health Insurance Card (Sundhedskort)).
You can access your active electronic prescriptions (using your MitID) on a website or download the app ‘Medicinkortet’ on your smartphone.

Click below to access your medical profile including active prescriptions:

Click below to install the app ‘Medicinkortet’:

The Danish State subsidizes prescription medicine for citizens of Denmark. Following a yearly schedule, the more prescription drug you buy within a year, the less you pay for the products.
Go to the guide Medical Treatment to learn more about getting in touch with a doctor.

OTC Medicine (håndkøbsmedicin)

The Counter medicine that doesn’t require a Prescription is available in the local Apotek, at the Apotek website, in kiosks, gas stations, and supermarkets, and through various web shops. It covers light painkillers, acid reflux, nose spray, nicotine replacements, etc.
The two commonly used painkillers, paracetamol, and ibuprofen are sold under the following names:

Paracetamol (normal adult dose: 1000 mg every 8 hours)

Panodil, Pamol, Pinex

Ibuprofen (usual adult dose: 200-600 mg every 8 hours)

In, Ibumetin

Driving under the influence by medicine

Medicine bought in Denmark has the symbol of a red triangle if categorized as potentially dangerous to drive.

Click below for a list of these medicines:

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