CPR Number

If you are a Non-EU resident with intentions to stay in Denmark for more than three months, you are REQUIRED to register for a CPR Number within two weeks of arriving.
This unique number identifies you as an individual, and the registered information must be kept up-to-date at all times. The registered information includes your:

  • full name

  • current address

  • date of birth

  • spouse

  • children

  • GP (general practitioner = ‘house doctor’/’praktiserende læge’) 

CPR is short for Central Person Register.

The CPR Number has ten digits and consists of your date of birth followed by four digits having this format:
For example, if your birthday is the 11. of February 1988, your CPR Number will look like this:

Please click below to read more about how to get your CPR Number:

Normally you also register for the national health insurance as part of you CPR registration, and a few weeks after you will receive your Health Insurance Card (Sundhedskort).

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