The Danish society is getting closer and closer to a cash-less everyday life.
Credit/debit cards as well as mobile pay solutions are the preferred way of paying and electronic payments can be used literately everywhere. Smaller shops might even not accept cash.

In other words; since all kinds of electronic solutions are based on a credit- and debit card, you simply need at least one of these cards to have a smooth stay in the country.


All non-corporate (private) cards issued in EU countries that use the Visa and Mastercard networks can be used without you being charged any transaction fees.

Types of cards

The national debit card called ‘Dankort‘ is the most widely used payment card used by danish citizens, but many foreign cards are accepted in most places as well.
Visa is the most widely accepted credit card in Denmark followed by Mastercard.

Mobile payment

The national MobilePay, along with Apple Pay and Google Pay, are the most common mobile payment solutions in Denmark.


With your debit- or credit card registered with MobilePay you can pay for goods and services in physical shops as well as in internet shops, and it can be used to quickly transfer money between individuals as well.

Click below to install the MobilePay app:

Apple Pay & Google Pay

With you credit card registered with Apple Pay or Google Pay you can also leave your card at home and go pay contactless in physical shops with your iPhone or Android phone.
If you have an Apple Watch, you can even leave your phone at home and pay with your wrist.

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