MitID (formerly NemID)

MitID is a personal digital key that is used to log in to official websites/apps as well as many other private-sector services like online banking etc.
MitID is the successor of NemID, which is being phased out during 2022.

Even though a MitID is actually not a requirement, getting a MitID should be one of the first things you do after getting your CPR Number! Without a MitID your life in Denmark will be much more difficult since all the amazing online self-services can not be used without a MitID.
The easiest way to get your MitID is to acquire it while you apply for Online Banking to get web/app access to your Bank Account.

The MitID will this way be issued through your bank and you will get both Online Banking and MitID at the same time.

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Be aware of online scammers. No legal entities will contact you by phone or e-mail to ask for your personal MitID credentials!

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