For emergency assistance: Call 112.

112 is an emergency number used in all Member states under the European Union. The number should only be used in case of emergency situations where you need immediate help. Please avoid dialing 112 if the situation is not acute. If you need Medical Treatment and it is not critically urgent, call 1813.

1813 gives you the opportunity to talk to a doctor or access medical help outside normal working hours. In special, cases the doctor can come to you to evaluate the situation.
1813 can also refer you with an appointment to the emergency room. For instance, sudden toothache that can not wait normal working hours at your dentist.

Medical Treatment

In most areas, emergency assistance will often arrive within 8 minutes.

Before dialing, access the situation, and have your address ready. Alternatively, you can register your location which would make it easier for emergency help to locate you. Notice that most mobile phones can call 112 even without entering the pin-code!

Emergency assistance covers:

  • Fire brigade

  • Ambulance

  • Police under 114

Heart Attack
If you are in urgent need of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator); in case someone has a Heart Attack find the nearest (of more than 21.000 countrywide defibrillators) here:

NOTICE! Only those devices are shown on the map with a “24”-icon are available 24 hours! All others are located indoors and can only be reached within the opening hours of that particular building.

Click below to find the nearest AED (Automated External Defibrillator):

Click here for more information on emergencies:

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