Tourist in Denmark

Telephone service provider

Denmark has a large number of mobile phone operators and they all offer high speed 4G and 5G mobile internet data.
More than 95% of the country’s geographical area has high speed mobile coverage.

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Money transfer

What is the best way to transfer money when in Denmark? Read about your choices when it comes to domestic and international money transfers. Here are five international money transfer services.

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Can I use my credit or debit card in Denmark? Can I use Apple Pay and Google Pay in Denmark? Danish society is getting closer and closer to a cashless everyday life. Electronic payments are way more common than using cash.

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Laws & Constitution

Is Denmark ruled by a monarch? Denmark is democratic and governed by a monarchy. The monarchy is, however, a constitution which means that the Constitutional Act limits the monarch’s power.

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Where do I get information about current Corona/Covid19 travel restrictions, public-space requirements, vaccination against Covid19 and test centers?

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Healthcare System

Is healthcare free in Denmark? The Danish Healthcare system ensures free treatment for all citizens of most health-related issues. Dentist treatments are only free until you reach 21 years.

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Where do I shop for less in Denmark? Denmark has all the shopping possibilities you would expect from any western country, but prices are relatively high. Find out where to save money!

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Medical Treatment

When do I contact the doctor in Denmark? In non-emergency cases, you should contact your personal General Practitioner (GP) within office hours and get your regional Emergency Doctor Service (Lægevagten) when your GP’s opening hours have exceeded.

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What are the most popular dating sites in Denmark? Finding a partner by getting in contact through internet services is very popular in Denmark. There are many Danish online dating sites available besides international service offers.

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Airports & Flights

What is the name of Denmark’s international airports? Find international airports in Denmark, buy your flight ticket, and get general info about traveling by airplane.

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Driver’s license

Can I use my driving license in Denmark? Depending on the issuing country, your driving license might be valid in Denmark. Alternatively, you can acquire a Danish driving license with or without attending a driving test. Read more on the qualifications for obtaining a driving permit in Denmark.

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What is the main religion in Denmark? Do citizens have the freedom to choose a religion?

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Which number do I dial in case of an emergency in Denmark? 112 If you are not in an emergency situation you should call different numbers!

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